The New Art Fest and Web Summit arrived in Lisbon ar the same time: 2016 marks the year the two projects started in the Portuguese capital, establishing an immediate relationship under the logic alignment: where art meets technology.

For the 2018 edition, The New Art Fest presents iLand in Sickness in Health (2018) by Regina Frank.

Regina Frank is a German artist mainly working with text and textile installation and performance. Since 1989, she has been one of the pioneers of combining performance art with technology, integrating the Internet and interactive social software installations.

The iLAND tapestry features landscapes that reflect some of the most important environmental issues. In the center, a 3D printed sculpture, made from biodegradable eco friendly plastic, produced from corn with the support of 3Dlife. Leaving the sculpture without the usual finishing the printing process becomes evident like a body landscape in sediment layered stone juxtaposing the soft cotton textile.