Turbulence.org (1996) was a New York based project of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. (NRPA). Turbulence has commissioned over 230 works and exhibited and promoted artists’ work through its Artists Studios, Guest Curator, and Spotlight sections. As networking technologies have developed wireless capabilities and become mobile, Turbulence.org has remained at the forefront of the field by commissioning, exhibiting, and archiving the new hybrid networked art forms that have emerged.

Adam Trowbridge & Jessica Westbrook, Channel TWo: NYC (2011)

The Turbulence archive is now presented at MNAC through the exhibition “Memoria RAM”. This type of memory, indispensable in any digital device, is the part responsible for storing data and instructions temporarily, but, irretrievably, it loses all the information whenever the equipment is turned off. It is from this metaphor that we start a reflection about the mission of archives and, especially, digital archives, constantly threatened by the dangers of technological obsolescence. The exhibition includes a selection of works that deal with the concept of the ephemeral, what can be stored and what can not, and the resonance of these concepts in a world crossed by the digital.

Turbulence works have been included in the Whitney Museum of American Art’s Biennial (’00, ’02, ’04), and its Bit Streams and Data Dynamics exhibitions; Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea; C-Theory, Cornell University; Ars Electronica, Austria; International Festival of New Cinema and New Media, Montreal; European Media Arts Festival, Germany; and the Sundance Film Festival, among others.


Curatorship: Gustavo Romano
Artworks from the collection of MEIAC.

Storm King was created with The Sonic Wire Sculptor, an instrument created by Pitaru to compose, record and play music in real time from drawings. Later, Pitaru transformed this software in a public installation, allowing a wider range of intuitive use.

Amit’s work spans across experimental art, research, education, and entrepreneurial projects. As an artist, Amit develops novel instruments and methods for making music, animation, and dance.

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Channel TWo is a post-network media channel that begins with entertainment-based narrative as a common language. Structurally, it employs internet algorithms, viewer research and custom software to generate localized content. The outcome is a nonlinear, local media sequence that is directly connected to the community in which it is situated.

Channel TWo [CH2] is an award-winning Chicago-based research and divergent design studio involving Adam Trowbridge and Jessica Parris Westbrook. CH2 makes critical playware and information experiences.

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For Data Diaries, Cory Arcangel used the contents of his computer’s temporary storage (RAM) as raw material for a series of abstract, glitchy videos. Each day over the course of a month, he would employ a hack to open this normally unseen data in QuickTime, which translated it into frenetic patterns of blocks and digital static.

Cory Arcangel (1978) is a New York based post-conceptual artist who makes works in different media, including drawing, music, video, performance art and video game modifications. His work explores the relationship between digital technology and pop culture.

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Nada que hayas hecho merece semejante alabanza is an art/poetry/adventure game, a field to explore our desire for constant and exaggerated prizes. Our worlds (real and respiratory) are filled with unnecessary and unworthy compliments, as we are made for loving our trophies in an explosion for a fifth place. This art and poetry game fulfills your “achievement addiction” by celebrating your walking, jumping, and falling through odd and marvelous anatomic lands.

Jason Nelson is a digital and hypermedia poet and artist, best known for his artistic flash games/essays. Nelson’s style of Web art mergers various genres and technologies, focusing on collages of poetry, image, sound, movement, and interaction. He currently lives in Brisbane, Australia.

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Proyecto conmemorativo para Jobbers ‘Canyon, construido con productos de ConAgra pays tribute to the lost architectural treasures. In 1989, ConAgra, the second biggest agricultural distributor in the USA, started building their new headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. During this process, 24 buildings were destroyed in the Jobbers ‘Canyon district, known for its part in the National Register of Historic Places, is considered the largest lost place. Using records and architectonic drawings, O’Brien “reconstructed” ten of the buildings, replacing the original construction materials with products distributed by ConAgra.

Nicholas O’Brien is an artist, researcher, and cultural producer, whose work is focused on digital simulation, the history of technology, and speculative fiction.

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Momentos de Inercia (Inertia Moments) is based on a teleological study of gesture in the musical output and its relationship with the gesture in social intimate interaction. It consists of twelve violin studies written by Todd Reynolds, in which each one uses a different gesture as a control entry for film manipulation of objects and people in the movement. Following the example of the physic principles that determine the resistance of an object to change, the violinist reattributes the time and speed of the video to explore the complexities of the action.

R. Luke DuBois is a composer, artist, and performer who explores the temporal, verbal, and visual structures of cultural and personal ephemera. Todd Reynolds is known as one of the founding fathers of the hybrid-musician movement and one of the most active and versatile proponents of what he calls ‘present music’.

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iSkyTV is a networked art project that detects the user’s location and animates the Google Street View sky above their heads. The project is a reimagining of Sky TV – Yoko Ono’s famed video work from 1966 – that brought the outside space inside the gallery. In contrast, iSkyTV brings the interior space of the database outside and invites viewers to reflect on a world in which our natural resources and landscapes have been digitized, databased, copyrighted and archived.

The Institute for Infinitely Small Things conducts creative, participatory research that aims to temporarily transform public spaces and instigate dialogue about democracy, spatial justice, and everyday life. The Institute’s projects use performance, conversation, and unexpected interventions to investigate social and political “tiny things”. Based mostly in Boston, MA.

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Prototipo 44 is a “number” shortwave radio station that works on the internet. Listening to it, random number sequences web-created can be heard, as they are read out loud by previously recorded video announcers. Calmly, like a trance, creating a bland environment, Prototipo 44 is inspired by the many remaining number stations that were created in the 60s by intelligence agencies all around the world.

Yoshi Sodeoka is an artist based in New York for over two decades, whose work is characterised by his neo-psychedelic aesthetic and exploration of multiple media and platforms. Primarily comprising of video, GIFs and print his practice also simultaneously inhabits the world of fine art, music, publications, and advertising.

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text_ocean is an experiment reading of random access and text visualizing, based on Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. The text selection turns into a dynamic sea of words, animated according to their grammar function. The user “reads” the text “attaching” and releasing words, and in this process, it disconnects from the original lines.

Zannah Marsh is a Brooklyn-based artist, designer, educator, and programmer with an interest in narrative data and collaborative storytelling.

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9th of November, 11 AM.


Moderators: Adelaide Ginga and Fernando Nabais
Speakers: António Franco Dominguez, Aria Dean, Brian Mackern, Cristina Sá, Gustavo Romano, Nilo Casares


Note: Attending requests previous registration at (geral@thenewartfest.com).