Welcome to The New Art Fest ’16

The next crossroad for open minded creative environments where pop culture, conceptual art strategies, and progressive knowledge come together taking for granted the World Wide Web, Internet of Things, Humans, Hybrids, Robots and a variety of clever Post-Human agents.

The New Art Fest ’16 will run from the 3rd to the 10th of November 2016, in Lisbon.

The early decision of this project was to use a few window stores at Baixa-Chiado in Lisbon (the famous ‘devantures’ that Marcel Duchamp liked so much), for about one week in November, to exhibit works of art, possibly renewing the Surrealist idea of ‘cadavre exquis’, and joining the content of each participating store with the intention, imagination and creativity of invited artists. The intended technological twist of this collaborative work is, on the other hand, a festival’s watermark.

As the project grew, the assembly line accepted new stuff, like ‘smart signage’ electronic screens known as TOMI, conventional as well as alternative indoor spaces for interactive installations, Internet of Things and Augmented Reality oriented artworks, and last but not least, to show the outcome of new cultural migrations from digital reality and their social networks to real reality and it’s new sense of gravity — the so-called Post-Internet Art. What this festival wants is simple to summarize: to know and feel the reality expanded by technology and science through those peculiar subjective manifestations we call art.

António Cerveira Pinto
— concept director of The New Art Fest
António Cerveira Pinto (Macau, 1952) is a conceptual socially engaged artist and a strategist. He makes art, curates shows (occasionally), and writes on a regular base about politics, economic and social issues, knowledge theory and art.

Ocupart is an art agency focused on developing cultural projects on non conventional spaces.